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Your child deserves a smile they’ll cherish for a lifetime. At The Kid Dentist, we make this our mission! As pediatric dentists, we put an emphasis on preventive care to help our patients have a happy, healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Offering dental care to infants, children, and teens inSpanish Fork, Springville, Payson, and surrounding cities in Utah County, we are committed to creating a world-class dental experience for your family!

Kids Dental Care in
Spanish Fork

Regular trips to the dentist are essential for keeping your child’s teeth in tip-top shape. Even children with only one or two teeth can benefit from regular dental care, so you’ll need to find the best pediatric dentist in Spanish Fork, UT to ensure that all their baby teeth grow into healthy adult teeth.

Choosing a dentist for your child might take some time. It’s an important decision, much like choosing a pediatric doctor for them, so you’ll want to bring them to the best of the best. Although the process might seem overwhelming, we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn more about pediatric dental care for your child including:

Dental Cleanings & Exams for Kids & Teens

Composite Dental Fillings & Sealants

Sedation Dentistry for Children, and more!

Preparing for Your First Visit
to The Kid Dentist

Children’s teeth are constantly changing and early dental care is important for a lifetime of healthy smiles! Regular visits to the dentist not only keeps kids’ teeth healthy but also allows the child to get acquainted with their pediatric dentist and helps to cultivate a lifelong habit of visiting the dentist. To get a young child ready for their first dental visit, talk to them about what’s going to happen. It’s important to build understanding and excitement around your visit to our office.

It’s important for moms and dads to prepare, too! After you’ve scheduled your first visit with our team, take a few moments to complete our new patient forms ahead of time. This will allow you to take your time and fill them out in the comfort of your home instead of at the office on the day of your visit.

Check Out Our Patient Reviews

“I can’t say enough how good my experience was with Dr Sorensen. He was quick and so nice with my son and took care of a couple of things that we were told to just “watch” at another dentist. The staff is so kind and encouraging I couldn’t have imagined anything better. Best pediatric dentist around!”

-Hannah P.

“These guys, Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Wing, and all the dental technicians, have made all 4 of my kids so much more comfortable with going to the dentist! I recommend them to everyone!”

-Crystal C.

“We had an emergency on a Friday afternoon and they were able to get us in and get it taken care of! Dr. Wing was fantastic! My son has a hard time at the dentist and it ended up being our best experience yet! Definitely going back!”

-Angela W.

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The Kid Dental team aims to provide high-quality pediatric dentistry in a comfortable, family-oriented, and ultra kid-friendly environment.

Schedule your first visit with our pediatric dental team today and see the difference a kid’s dentist can make!

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