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When Should My Child First Visit A Dentist?

Your child’s first dental visit is something of a milestone, as it is hopefully the start of a lifetime of routine preventive care that builds healthy, lasting smiles. Trusting an experienced children’s dental team like ours is the best way to ensure that this first appointment goes smoothly to leave a lasting, positive impression. Keep reading to learn more about your child’s first dental appointment, including when it should happen and what to expect!

First Visit by First Birthday

We agree with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommendation that children should visit the dentist for the first time by the time they turn one year old, with routine checkups and cleanings beginning no later than three years old. It may seem early, but starting at age one is the best way to ensure that your baby’s smile is developing properly and that those first little teeth are not vulnerable to something called baby bottle tooth decay, which occurs when the sugars in milk are left behind on the teeth, weakening the enamel and damaging oral health. Partnering with a children’s dentist will help you steer clear of this and other hazards that commonly affect young smiles.

What Happens During a Child’s First Dental Appointment?

When you bring your child in for their first dental appointment, we will begin by making sure everyone is comfortable and excited to be at the dentist’s office. We always take a fun, friendly approach to leave only positive impressions!

After we have greeted your child and shown you around the place, we will have you comfortably settle into the examination room. Your baby will sit in your lap during the appointment when we quickly look around their mouth to make sure everything looks great. After this visual examination, we will take the time to fully discuss anything you may want to talk about related to your little one’s oral health. Some of the questions parents commonly ask during their child’s first dental appointment include:

  • Should I brush my child’s teeth with toothpaste? How often?
  • When should I begin flossing their teeth?
  • Is fluoride necessary or safe for kids?
  • What if my baby doesn’t like when I brush their teeth?
  • Should I take any extra precautions to prevent baby bottle tooth decay?
  • Is thumbsucking harmful for my child’s developing mouth?
Feel free to bring a list of questions you may have and take some notes to ensure you remember everything! We always dedicate plenty of time to first dental appointments so that we can thoroughly discuss all of your questions. Once the appointment is complete, we will schedule any follow-up care if it is needed. If not, we will make plans to see you and your baby again in about six months! By partnering together, we can help make sure your baby’s growing smile gets off to a great start.

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If you have a one-year-old or toddler who hasn’t been to a children’s dentist, it’s time to find one! At The Kids Dentist, we provide friendly and fun first dental visits. Schedule one for your child today!

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