The American Dental Association recommends that you take your child to the dentist after their first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday. While it may seem early to visit the dentist, it can protect your child’s oral health and prevent them from getting cavities.¬†However, it can be difficult to find a dentist for children that you trust. Learning more about pediatric dental care can help you find a reliable dentist that will keep your child comfortable during their visit.

Do you need help choosing a dentist for your kids? Keep reading this guide for the top seven characteristics you should look for in a quality pediatric dentist.

1. Patient and Calm

One of the most important characteristics of a pediatric dentist is someone that is patient and calm. It can be quite difficult to work with children in a dental office, especially children that have dental anxiety or behavioral problems.

If your dentist is not able to calmly deal with these issues as they arise, they may cause more stress to your child.

Make sure your dentist is kind to your child and is able to soothe their nerves, even when they are anxious about the appointment!

2. Great Communicator

You should also find a dentist that is a great communicator with children. Dental appointments can be filled with confusing information for children, so you should find a dentist that will talk to your child in a way that they can understand easily.

This way, your child will feel less anxious about their appointment and will understand what is going on.

Not only should you find a dentist that communicates well with children, but they should communicate well with you as well. Make sure they keep you updated with every step of the treatment for your child!

3. Provides a Welcoming Environment

A traditional dental office may seem cold and uninviting to a child. The sterile environment can make a routine appointment seem stressful and nerve-wracking.

Because of this, it is best to have a dentist that provides a welcoming and child-friendly environment for their patients. Most pediatric offices will include things like children’s books and toys in their waiting room and may even have children’s tv shows or movies playing during the appointment.

4. Responds to Parental Concerns

Next, your pediatric dentist should be good at responding to parental concerns. While your primary focus may be finding a dentist that is good with children, you should also make sure they listen to your input as a parent.

Whether you have concerns about the treatment or have any questions about caring for your child’s oral health, they should be willing to take the time to address each of these.

5. Good With Dental Anxiety

If your child has dental anxiety, you should find a pediatric dentist that is good at dealing with patients that are nervous about going to the dentist. A high-quality pediatric dentist will be familiar with the stressors in a typical dental appointment and can help your child overcome their anxieties.

For example, your dentist can explain each part of the treatment that they are providing to help your child feel less stressed during the process.

They will also be more able to keep your child calm during an appointment. They may do this by offering distractions for anxious children or even providing prizes at the end of each appointment!

6. Offers Many Services

When you choose a pediatric dentist for your child, you should make sure they offer plenty of different services!

This is especially important for children with dental anxiety. Rather than having to visit a different dentist for different services, your child will be able to work with the same dentist for each of their oral health needs.

This will help them feel more comfortable going to the dentist in a familiar environment.

Most dental offices prioritize preventative care to help your child avoid developing cavities and other oral health issues. However, you should find a dentist that also offers restorative care.

You may also want to find a pediatric dentist that offers sedation dentistry! This way, children with dental anxiety will have extra assistance to stay calm and comfortable during their appointment.

7. Easily Accessible

Finally, you should find a pediatric dentist that is easily accessible! This way, it will be much easier for you to schedule appointments for your child’s dental care.

First, you should look for a local office. If you have to drive long distances for your child’s dental appointments, it will be much less convenient to go to the dentist. Plus, you will likely have to keep them out of school or take more time off work for a simple dentist appointment.

A local office will also provide you with peace of mind during dental emergencies.

You should also ensure that your child’s pediatric dentist has reasonable office hours. It may be beneficial to find a dentist that offers weekend appointments or appointments outside of regular business hours.

Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Spanish Fork, UT?

When you are selecting a dentist for children, you need to weigh your options. Looking for each of these characteristics in a child dentist will help you find a reliable pediatric dentist that will help your child feel comfortable and at ease.

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