Almost thirty percent of all American children aged two to five have already experienced tooth decay at some point in their life. 

Many of these cases can be avoided or immediately dealt with when kids are taken to see a pediatric dentist as early as their first tooth comes in. There are many benefits of doing so that you can’t reap until they’re in the chair. 

If you’re wondering if you need to take your child to the dentist when they are young, we’ve got six important answers telling you why you should. 

Keep reading to learn why your baby needs to visit The Kid Dentist early. 

1. Build Trust With the Dentist 

There are many misconceptions about when you should take your children to the dentist. Lots of people think that they should wait until they are older and have a full set of teeth. Yet, you should visit much earlier

Dentist anxiety is a real struggle for many children, teens, and adults. This anxiety can make it difficult for them to receive proper care and practice good hygiene habits. 

When you take your child to the dentist regularly from a young age, you may be able to avoid this anxiety. Teaching your children early on that the dentist and hygienists are people they can trust can help immensely.

They can learn from an early age that going to the dentist is a good thing that keeps their smile healthy and beautiful. Pediatric dental care can help kids grow to trust their dentist and know the visits as a regular occurrence. 

2. Prevent and Address Tooth Decay

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has found that one in five children under five is affected by tooth decay. This is because babies’ and children’s teeth are much more susceptible to cavities. 

Many believe that children more often suffer from cavities due to poor brushing habits or eating sweets. Yet, there is another answer. Babies’ teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay due to less enamel compared to adults.

Taking your child to The Kid Dentist can help identify cavities early and stop them in their tracks. Untreated tooth decay can lead to difficulty chewing, pain, infection, and poor development. 

By participating in kids’ dental care, you can ensure that your child has a healthy mouth and set of teeth. Also, you’ll know that they won’t cost you too much extra money in the long run. 

3. Catch Issues Early 

According to research published by the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, waiting to take your child to the dentist until they are two or three can increase their chances of needing emergency and restorative dentist visits later on. 

Bringing your child in for biannual dentist visits from the time their first tooth comes in will help you catch issues early. They can be addressed right away. 

When your dentist catches a problem early, they won’t only take steps to fix it. They will also be able to teach your child how to avoid that problem in the future. 

Taking your child to The Kid Dentist early saves you money and saves your child pain. Regular pediatric dental care from a young age will not become something that you regret. 

4. Monitor Speech and Bite

Your pediatric dentist will check your child to see how their mouth and jaw are developing during each visit. Doing this will help correct problems earlier and give you an idea of what you’ll need to pay for later on in your life. 

By using advanced technology to see your child’s teeth, they can tell you how their alignment will need to be corrected. Knowing how your baby’s mouth is developing can help them with other possible health concerns. 

Children with incorrect bites can develop speech, nutrition, and confidence issues. If you can correct it early on with partial braces, retainers, or surgery, you can avoid these additional problems. 

5. Kid-Friendly Hygiene

Kids teeth cleaning is different from cleaning the teeth of an adult. During your child’s visit, both of you will learn valuable techniques about how to care for their teeth. 

Special toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more are needed for a child to have proper hygiene. Your pediatric dentist can give and recommend you the correct tools you should be using. 

This is another reason why taking your kid to The Kid Dentist is so important. Pediatric dentists have all the right kid-friendly accommodations you need. They have smaller chairs, tools, and the training to care for children. 

6. Promotes the Right Habits

One of the most important aspects of taking your young child to the dentist is to let a professional teach them the right hygienic practices. Though you probably have done great yourself, dentists can help encourage good habits.

If spots are being missed while your child brushes at home, dentists will be able to catch them. Then they can teach both you and your child what you can do differently. 

Dentists are often authoritative figures for children. Because of this, it can be helpful to use them as a reason to convince your kid to brush more thoroughly.

When they know they’ll be praised or rewarded for healthy teeth, they are more likely to invest time in keeping them clean for their next visit. 

Go to the Kid Dentist 

Taking your child to a pediatric dentist early on will benefit both of you in many ways. Going to the dentist can be exciting if you can instill that trust when they are young. 

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